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24/7 Youth Film Festival

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The 24/7 Youth Film Festival 2008

Fast & Furious Filmaking!!  Create a 7 minute film in just 24 hours!

The 24/7 Youth Film Festival competition starts Saturday 23rd August at 2pm and finishes at 2pm on Sunday 24th August 2008.  The festival concludes with showings at various cinemas throughout the northern beaches and in Mosman throughout September.

The following Workshops will be held at the Warringah Mall Community Room 16, from 6 to 8pm. Bookings are essential, please contact Angus Megarrity.

  1. Introduction to Short Film - 4th August
  2. Screen Acting on 5th August
  3. Editing on 11th August
  4. Scriptwriting on 12 August

What is the 24/7 Youth Film Festival about?

The 24/7 competition is now in its sixth year and coordinated by Pittwater, Manly, Warringah and Mosman Councils. The event is designed for those aged 12-24 years to help unleash their creative talents through the art of film. Open to individuals or teams, the 24/7 challenge is for young film-makers to make a 7 minute film or less in just 24 hours. Competitors needed to be present at the 8 September launch to receive ‘secret’ items, locations, objects and phrases that had to appear in their short film.

Last year, the 24/7 competition had up to $10,000 worth of prizes on offer, including cash, film editing packages, a professional tripod, a video Ipod, professional film workshops and equipment rental and store vouchers. All entries were judged by film and TV industry professionals, with finalists screened at public sessions in local cinemas.



Read the goss on last year's Festival.......

Twenty six films were entered in this years 24/7 Youth Film Festival Competition. This competition sets a monumental task for entrants aged 12 – 24 years to make a seven minute film in just twenty four hours. The co-ordinators who are from Pittwater, Manly, Mosman and Warringah Council also raise the level of difficulty giving entrants locations, script lines, objects and concepts to include in their film. These obstacles are only revealed at the beginning of the twenty four hour countdown.

Sue Turner Community Development Officer from Pittwater Council and one of the festivals co-ordinators said, “This year we also threw in a secret rule that two actors had to deliver the same line at the same time, these obstacles often add to the creativity and act as proof that the entrants shot their film in the twenty four hour competition time.”

On Thursday night three hundred people attended the Finalists Screening of the festival at the Cremorne Orphium, to support the emerging film makers talent. Thirteen films were screened covering genres of comedy, romance, contemporary art house, and mocumentary’s.

One of the Industry tv and film judges on the night, Piet de Vries a local cinematographer announced “There was such difficulty in choosing the winners as the standard was just amazing.”

The major winners were:

  • Avid Best Film

Matt Sharp and Sam Coutts for "One Day Trial"

  • Getting Creative Best U18s

Patrick Feary and Rhys Bennett for "The Maze King"

  • John Barry Sales Junior Encouragement Award - Under 15 

Stephen Pagett and Maddy Withington for "Not Quite There"

  • Fujifilm People's Choice Award

Oliver Leimbach and Solomon Freer for "Three’s A Crowd"

  • Miller Best Cinematography

Ryan Sommerfield for "Visions of Her"

  • Channel 7 Best Technical Direction

Matt Sharp for "One Day Trial "

  • Mac & Me Best Actor

Chloe Lawrence- Hartcher in "Visions of Her"

  • Flying Fish Best Comedy

Patrick Feary and Rhys Bennett for "The Maze King"

  • Videocraft Best Script

"My Five Cents"

  • Eagle Music Best Soundtrack

Bryce Betlam for "Fate"

  • 24/7 & ArtStart Best Use of an Item

Oliver Leimbach in "Three’s a Crowd"

  • Junior Rookie Encouragement Award U15 (for the first time entrants)

"The Zombie Hunter "