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Main Content

Documents & forms

Council produces a number of important and informative publications. If you would like further information or previous copies or editions, please contact the Council Officer listed on each page.

Annual Report
Pittwater Council produces the Annual Report around the end of November each year.

Code of Conduct
Northern Beaches Council adopted the ‘Model Code of Conduct for Local Councils’ in NSW as prescribed by the Office of Local Government at the time of proclamation, 12 May 2016. This code is prescribed by regulation and sets out the minimum requirements of conduct that must be observed by Council officials including committee members, staff, delegates, contractors and consultants in carrying out their functions for Council. 

Pittwater's Strategic Plan - 2025
Pittwater's 2025 Strategic Plan is an overarching document that will guide all future planning and direction for the Pittwater area. It sets out the community vision of what Pittwater should be in 2025 as well as outline council's strategies to achieve this vision.

Delivery Program & Budget (previously called Council's Management Plan)
The Pittwater Delivery Program identifies the key actions Council will undertake over the next four years to meet the needs of the community.

End of Term Report
This document informs the community of what has been implemented and achieved over the last four year Council term (2008-2012) towards the vision, goals and objectives outlined in Pittwater 2020.

An A-Z listing of Council forms

Management Report
Council reports on a 6 monthly basis with respect to the principal activities detailed in the Delivery Program.

Meetings & Agendas
Council's Meetings, Agendas, Minutes and guidelines. Includes a calendar, Development Unit and Council Committee information

Plans of Management
Plans of Management are documents that provides the framework for managing community land.  It explains the "why, how and whom" of how the subject area should be managed.

Policy Register
Council has adopted a number of policies which set out the general approach to be followed in the Council’s operations and activities. 

Open Access Information
Information currently available to the public free of charge by way of open access (other than for photocopying)