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Church Point Upgrade


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Latest update 

12 April 2017

Work has progressed well on the Church Point Wharf Upgrade, and we thank commuters for their patience during the temporary wharf relocation over the past month.  The installation of ground anchors was completed earlier this month and the construction of the sea wall is nearing completion with excess sheet pile lengths being cut and a concrete capping beam being constructed on top of the seawall.

Next stages

After Easter, we’ll commence work to construct the new timber boardwalk on the seaward side of the seawall.  This will involve installing timber piles – resulting in some short-term noise impacts for local residents. We thank residents for their understanding during the construction of this important infrastructure project.

Based on current program the seawall, boardwalk and road realignment works are estimated to be completed late August 2017. 

Once traffic is shifted onto the new road alignment the works to construct the new carpark will commence.

Church Point April 2017 

9 March 2017

On Monday 13 March, we will be relocating the access ramp/gangway to the commuter wharf while construction continues on the sea wall.  This new temporary access arrangement is as indicated in the purple area on the plan of the works below. 

Between 9am to 3pm on Monday 13 March, there will be no access to the existing ramp/gangway.  Between these hours, contract contractor Ward Civil will provide a small boat and transport people from the commuter wharf to the smaller commuter mooring provisions wharf behind Rostrevor Reserve.

We ask, where possible, that you avoid using the commuter wharf between 9am to 3pm on that day.  Wharf users should allow additional time to access the commuter wharf on Monday 13 March when the relocation occurs.

Boats tied up at the commuter wharf will be not be affected by the work to the gangway.  

The temporary access will be in place for three weeks and will be slightly steeper than usual access.  

On 3 April when the ramp is moved back, there will be no access again between 9am and 3pm.  Wharf users are reminded to allow additional time to access the commuter wharf on this day also. 

11 January 2017

In accordance with Section 99 of the Rural Fire Act 1997, The Rural Fire Service NSW has granted the contractors at Church Point (Ward Civil) an exemption from any total fire ban that may be declared between now and 31 March 2017 in order to continue with the Church Point upgrade work. (see Exemption attached).
The current work on site includes the construction of the seawall where the fire risk is low as it is mostly undertaken over water.

Necessary safety precautions will be put in place should hotworks be undertaken.

The exemption is subject to the condition that adequate fire fighting equipment is immediately available at the work site.

21 December 2016

Works have progressed well in the past month with the installation of the sheet piles for the seawall being completed today.

The contractor will be closing the site on 22 December for the holiday period shut down and works will recommence on Tuesday 3 January.

Council thanks residents for their understanding during the construction of this important infrastructure project.

Next stages of the works

Bracing beams will be installed and limited drilling for ground anchors, both for the seawall, are scheduled to take 6 weeks beginning 3 January.

In mid-February fill material will be bought in so areas behind the new seawall can be backfilled. 

The excess sheet pile lengths will then be cut and a concrete capping beam will be constructed on top of the seawall to complete the seawall construction. 

After the seawall is complete the building of the new timber boardwalk will be begin on the seaward side. At the same time, the relocationsof utility services and road construction will begin. 

During the seawall construction around early March works will also commence on the construction of the new access road improvements forthe properties that are above the new carpark. These works are required to provide an improved and safer access solution to these properties. 

Based on current program the seawall, boardwalk and roadrealignment works will be complete around the end of July 2017. 

After traffic is shifted onto the new road alignment the works to construct the new carpark will commence.

15 November 2016

The shipment of materials for the seawall works has been delayed due to unforeseen severe weather conditions.

As a result, the seawall piling is now projected to begin on Monday 28 November 2016. No work will be conducted during the Christmas shut down period between  23 December 2016 and 3 January 2017.

A rig, which will be used to enable the seawall works, will be onsite this week.

20 October 2016

Works have commenced on site with the contractor undertaking initial embankment preparation and works required for the scheduled seawall piling in early November 2016.  The work associated with the seawall piling, may cause some noise and low level vibration to residents in the immediate area.  This component of the project is expected to be completed prior to Christmas.

Access to the existing commuter wharf has been relocated next  to Cargo Wharf so reclamation works can proceed.

Short-term parking drop-off bays are available next to Cargo wharf to service both commuter wharfs in operation during the works.

We thank local residents and visitors for their patience and support.

12 August 2016 

Construction to revitalise Church Point is about to start, with the first stage (1A) scheduled to commence on Monday 22 August. 
We are very conscious of the impact the construction may have on residents and wharf users and will do everything we can to minimise disruption during the construction period. We ask that during this time, where possible, you use the facility only when absolutely necessary and that the ferry may be a good option in some cases. 

21 July 2016 

Council’s contractor will be investigating the location of existing underground services at Church Point on the evenings of 25 and 26 July between 9:30pm to 5am, in preparation for the first stage of construction. 

Investigations will involve the excavation of the existing road pavement on McCarrs Creek Road and the access way that services properties above McCarrs Creek Road.

Unfortunately these works may involve short periods of unavoidable noise. We will make every endeavour to minimise disruption to local residents and apologise in advance for this inconvenience.

Residents in nearby streets have been notified by mail and our contractor’s representatives will personally visit nearby homes to advise of the works prior to testing.

Enquiries: Grant Tighe, Church Point Project Manager 0466 513 567

27 June 2016 

Work is underway on the final aesthetics design, which is being done collaboratively with key community representatives through an Aesthetics Advisory Committee.  

Site establishment is expected to commence mid-July, subject to final authority approvals.

Works will be split into two stages:

  • Stage 1 (July 2016 – April 2017):  Land reclamation, new piered seawall and realignment of McCarrs Creek Road
  • Stage 2 (May – Dec 2017): Car park construction and final landscaping and aesthetics

Temporary Wharf

8 June 2016

In preparation for the upcoming works at Church Point, a temporary wharf is being installed at Rostrevor Reserve. Construction began on 27 May and is expected to take three weeks to build. Fencing will be put in place and access to the reserve will be limited during construction. We don’t envisage any interruptions or inconvenience to boat parking or access.

Geotechnical Investigations Complete

6 May 2016 

Geotechnical ground investigation at Church Point were completed this morning and full access to boat tie ups is now restored.

We anticipate that the construction site will be established at the end of May/early June.

Expressions of interest for Church Point Upgrade Aesthetics Advisory Group

2 May 2016

The Church Point Upgrade Aesthetics Advisory Group will represent key stakeholder and community views and provide input on the final aesthetics of the car park and boardwalk project. This includes elements such as landscape treatments, walkways, lighting and facades.

Items that are out of scope for the group include any changes to the structural design of the car park, access road or sea wall.   

This process closed 8 May 

Geotechnical Investigations

1-6 May 2016 

Geotechnical ground investigation will take place during the week of 2 May 2016, ahead of construction commencing:

  • Sunday 1 May, 6pm–Tuesday 3 May, 6pm:
    During this period, no tie ups permitted on the inner-west section of commuter wharf

  • Tuesday 3 May, 6pm–Friday 6 May, 6pm:
    During this period no tie ups permitted on the inner east side of the commuter wharf

A barge containing necessary equipment will be located by the commuter wharf for approximately seven days and commuter boats will be temporarily displaced during this time.

The works will be staged to minimise disruption as much as possible.

To minimise inconvenience, we have arranged temporary tie up locations whilst this work takes place

  • Old wharf (wharf in front of Waterfront Café)
  • Boat ramp and beach at the north-western end of Church Point car park

Geotechnical investigations will generate some noise however works will be kept within regulatory levels and will be conducted within the permitted hours of 7am to 5pm. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

Rangers will use discretion for boats with current permits during this period.

Council may remove boats moored in the investigation area and tie them up to the sea wall at Rosstrevor Reserve or double stack them at open areas of the facility if necessary.

Updated: 13 Apr 2017