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One of the key challenges of the 21st Century is the global transition to sustainability, or learning to live within the means of the planet to sustain present and future generations of people, plants and animals. Pittwater Council is committed to participating in this worldwide effort, by "thinking globally, and acting locally".


Pittwater Sustainability Policy
Defines key sustainability principles and commits Council to promoting continuous improvement towards sustainability within our own operations, facilitating the community to move towards a sustainable future, and monitoring and reporting on our progress.

CEC Rainwater Tank EcoMarkers
Highlighting the sustainability initiatives at our buildings.
Activities Environmental Sustainability
We can all help protect and enhance our environment by living a sustainable lifestyle at home, at work and at play.
Sustainable House

Steps to a Sustainable Home
Outlines sustainability options & principles for residential design and building in a more sustainable manner.

Updated: 22 May 2015