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Coastal & marine

Pittwater's ocean coastline is approximately 18 kilometres long, extending from Barrenjoey Headland in the north to the Narrabeen Lagoon in the south.

The coastline is comprised of eight distinct embayments, tied by rocky headlands and includes a total of ten surf beaches. The northern beaches area and adjoining lands are geologically part of the Hornsby Plateau, a structural unit of the Sydney Basin. 

The coastal zone stretches from the continental shelf, across Pittwater's beaches and dunes, the hinterland including the Pittwater and Narrabeen Lagoon estuaries and continues inland as far as marine impacts are felt.

Coastal ecosystems lie within a dynamic environment where coastal processes from the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere are acting upon our existing geology and sediments. Imagine living where waves, tides, winds and currents are constantly affecting your living conditions. Within the coastal zone, a wide range of fascinating and complex habitats can be found and explored.

Careel Bay Estuaries
Estuaries provide a rich diversity of habitats, and are often the breeding and nursery ground for fish and shellfish that are commonly captured ...
Bicentennial Coastal Walkway Bicentennial Coastal Walkway
Experience the peninsular's spectacular coast first-hand on a walk from Manly to Palm Beach ...
Headlands Headlands
Majestic rocky headlands punctuate Pittwater's coast ...
Rock Platforms Rock platforms
Extend from all of Pittwater's headlands and can be safely explored at low tide when there is a low swell. Be aware of the possibility of falling rocks...
Beach Ecosystems Sandy beaches
Not just surf, sand and rocks - find out about Pittwater's living beaches ...
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Updated: 18 Jul 2016