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Environmental Weed
Botanical name:
Conyza spp.

Fleabane   Fleabane  
   Fleabane seedling
   Photo: Ku-ring-gai Council

Photo: Ku-ring-gai Council                                                              Flower head close up
                                                                                                       Photo: Adam Burrowes


Originating in America, Fleabane is an upright annaul herb with a single stem up to 1 to 2m high. Found on disturbed sites, headlands, dunes and edge of bushland.

This plant starts off with a tuft of basal leaves, then develops an erect stem to 2m tall. The stem terminates in elongated seed heads wiht tiny dandelion-type flyaway seeds. Flowers are white to pink, flowering in summer. Seeds are small with fine white hairs.


Seed is wind dispersed.

Impact on bushland

A prolific seeder, Fleabane is a weed of disturbed areas. It can grow through desirable plants to reach light.



  • Bag seed heads and any well developed buds, as these can continue to develop into seeds if left on the ground. 
  • Pull up rest of plant and shake soil off roots, and leave in a dry place. 
  • Pull out smaller plants.

See Manual Weed Control Techniques.
Chemical: Please contact your local control authority for advice on chemical control.

Similar species

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