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The Vision

The vision for Ingleside is to become a connected, liveable and sustainable community that embraces and respects its landscape setting.

The above vision statement was developed with landowners and the broader community as part of the “Your ideas today, your community tomorrow” campaign.

We are aiming for Australian Best Practice Standards.

Kinesis Australia are advising the Project Partners on precinct scale sustainability opportunities including alternate sustainable technologies and initiatives that contributes towards achieving Australian Best Practice for Ingleside.

Their report examines the options and strategies beyond the traditional methods that could improve the sustainability of the land release and its development as a new residential community at Ingleside.

We are continuing to investigate opportunities to (1) increase BASIX targets and (2)  identify a mechanism for the delivery of affordable housing for key workers, while at the same time ensure that the Ingleside land release development is financially feasible.


Our Aims

  • Four Stars GreenStar
  • Potable water use (35% reduction)
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
  • 25% reduction in peak electricity demand
  • 100% (or Increase number) of High Performance Dwellings – 7 star NatHers
  • Plan for Future – Technologies & Better Ideas/Outcomes

Ingleside Vision



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