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Consultant Reports

Draft Consultant Reports

The following consultant's executive summaries were released in November 2014: 

The following technical reports (provided below) are draft reports for information purposes only and have been prepared based on the draft Structure Plan that was released in November 2014. These draft reports will be revised as necessary prior to the next round of public consultation. You are welcome to make comments on the draft technical studies, and we will pass those comments onto the technical consultants to consider as part of later revisions to these reports. Your comments will not be treated as a formal submission, and we will not be reporting back specifically to those who make comments on the draft reports. Landowners and the community will have the opportunity to lodge a submission with the Department when the draft Structure Plan and the full suite of technical studies are released for consultation in mid 2016.

The On-site Effluent Management Capability Report prepared by SMEC was based on the proposed land uses identified on the draft Structure Plan (released in November 2014). The report identifies servicing difficulties for land identified as Rural Lots with conventional on site effluent management systems. Given these findings Pittwater Council in conjunction with Kinesis are investigating other options that may overcome the constraints identified by SMEC. Following on from these investigations, if subdivision of Rural Lots can be realised, other areas not included in the SMEC investigations will be revisited. Lots affected by proposed conservation land uses that still have dwelling entitlements may also require site specific assessment to determine appropriate effluent treatment requirements.

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