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Community Workshops

November/December 2014

170 people attended the second round of Ingleside community workshops held in November/December.  

At these workshops a Draft Structure Plan was presented to the community for comments. The master planning consultant engaged for this project gave a presentation on the development of the draft Structure Plan.  Attendees provided valuable feedback which will be considered in future iterations of the plan.

Data collected from the second round of community workshops is contained within the Workshop Outcomes Report prepared by Elton Consulting.

A workshop Evaluation Report was prepared by Pittwater Council based on feedback from attendees in an online survey.

See interviews with workshop participants.


March 2014

The first round of workshops were well attended with a total of 173 community members at the three workshops.

Participants were placed into working groups of up to nine members. During each three-hour workshop participants were taken through four exercises relating to sustainability principles, housing types, ecological outcomes and mapping of potential development (View the maps). These exercises were designed to extract ideas from the community about their future vision for Ingleside.

The data from all three workshops has been compiled into an outcomes report by the workshop facilitator Council asked for feedback about the workshops from participants, reference group members and table facilitators to improve future workshops and prepared an evaluation report.


See interviews with workshop participants.


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