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Pittwater Secession

Pittwater Secession

Pittwater Rising - The Making of Pittwater Council was commissioned by Pittwater Council to mark the 10th anniversary of its establishment.  This book examines the growth of the movement for a seperate Pittwater Shire.

  • Event Line
    From 1966 - A 25 year campaign.
  • Secession
    In July 1990 the Boundaries Commission inquiry was held in the community hall at Mona Vale, with Dan Kelly returning to the area as its chairman
  • Case for No
    Australia is one of the most over-governed nations in the world.  Another council on the peninsula will mean more government, more bureacrats and more costs
  • Case for Yes
    Warringah claims we will not be viable.  But the Boundaries Commission said that Pittwater will have a revenue surplus of $2.2M, and added: "The financial viability of an area (Pittwater) ... producing some $17.6M in general rates and garbage charges may be taken for granted.  The area has the resources to support a new council."
  • Poll
    The postal poll was finally held in June 1991. Of the votes cast, 73.5 per cent were in favour of the proposal to secede, but because the poll was non-compulsory this represented only 48.18 per cent of the registered electors of A Riding.
  • Provisional Council
    The Provisional Council was announced in September 1991. Its members were what was described as an impressive mix of ‘highly talented and experienced’ people: the three A Riding representatives who had been elected to Warringah Council earlier that month (Councillors Robert Dunn, Eric Green and Ron Starr); three appointed community representatives (Edith Lincoln, Allan Porter and Max Radmanovich), and three ‘professional’ members with expertise in engineering, finance and administration (Ross Bonthorne, Stan Brown and Eric Warrell).
  • Proclamation
    Pittwater Council finally became a reality on 1 May 1992 when a simple ‘Constitution Day’ ceremony was held and a ‘welcome to Pittwater’ sign was unveiled just north of Narrabeen Lagoon
  • First Elected Council
    As a result of the first elections for Pittwater Council on 24 October 1992, Ross Bonthorne, Lynne Czinner, Robert Dunn, Patricia Giles, Eric Green, Allan Porter, Max Radmanovich, Ron Starr and John Winter were elected. Robert Dunn was elected mayor, with Allan Porter his deputy.

 Pittwater Rising is available for loan or purchase from Mona Vale Library.