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Event Timeline

Event Timeline

1966 Pittwater Shire - proposal to divide Warringah Shire into 2 sections
1967 April Warringah Council Dismissed
1969 October Local Government Boundaries Commission inquiry
Catalyst controversies
Blueberry Ash development - Palm Beach
Peninsula Plaza, "Delmege" building - Mona Vale
1986 Warringah Council dissmissed again
Local Government Boundaries Commission Hearing
Chaired by Dan Kelly at Mona Vale Memorial Hall
1991 May 2 Poll announced
1991 June Poll held by non-compulsory postal vote for the rate payers of A Riding
1991 July 4 Minister for Local Government, Gerry Peacocke announces secession
Pittwater Provisional Council established
Local Government elections, councillors elected for A riding were:
Robert Dunn
Eric Green
Ron Starr
November 14
Pittwater Provisional Council first meeting
At Nelson Heather Senior Citizens Centre, Warriewood
1991 December 20 Council Office opened in Mona Vale
1992 May 1 Pittwater Proclaimed, Constitution Day ceremony
1992 May 8 First Cheque from Warringah Council of $6.8 million
1992 October 24 First election for Pittwater councillors
1992 November 3 Pittwater Municipal Council's first meeting
1993 July Council offices move to Vuko Place Warriewood
1993 December Final assets and liabilities judgement
1994 April 8 Final payment from Warringah Council of $4.6 million