Renew my loans

he standard loan period for most items is 3 weeks but if you would like more time it is possible to renew your loans for one more period of 3 weeks. You can not renew an item if:

  • it has been previously renewed,
  • it is reserved, OR
  • it is a 7 Day Loan

Please note: Your loans will be renewed for 3 weeks from the date you renew your loans not from the original due date.

Renewing Items over the Internet

  1. Please sign into My Library Account in the new online library catalogue
  2. In Your Details type in your borrower number
  3. Type in your PIN number (ie. the last 6 digits of your card number. If that doesn't work please contact the library on 9970 1600) - Please Note: Due to our new system you may need to reset your PIN prior to signing in to your account.
  4. Click onto My Library Account and select Checkouts tab
  5. Choose which item you would like to renew and click on the Renew link

Please note: If an item does not give the option to renew, it may be because it is overdue, or it may have been renewed before, or it may be on hold for another borrower. Please contact the library or return the item.

View my account details

If you would like to see information about your library account please follow steps 1-4 above.  Some examples of what information is available are:

  • current holds you may have,
  • messages that we may have for you,
  • outstanding charges.

If you experience any problems please call the Library on 9970 1600.

Updated: 09 Feb 2017