Boating facilities

There are many boating facilities in the Pittwater area. These include wharves for recreational, commuter and commercial purposes, boat storage for dinghies, large boats and boat tie-up at wharves, moorings and boat ramps. Further information can be found by going to the links below. 


Palm Beach Ferry Wharf

Looking for a wharf. There are recreational and commuter/commercial wharves in Pittwater.

McCarrs creek Dinghy Storage

Dinghy & Watercraft Storage
There are 20 storage areas around Pittwater.

Wharf Tie-up Mackerel Beach Boat tie-up on Wharves
Information on temporary licences to tie-up on wharves.

Boat Ramps
Information on launching areas including dinghy ramps.


Large Boat Facilities
Information on storage of large boats for example outrigger canoes, dragon boats.

Mackerel Beach Moorings

There are 3641 moorings in Pittwater. Averaged on a 10m boat, NSW Maritime collects over $2million p.a. from boat registrations and mooring fees. Dept of Land and Water Conservation collects funds from P.O.'s (permissive occupancies) all over Pittwater.

Updated: 31 Jan 2017