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Salt Pan Cove Reserve

Salt Pan Cove
Salt Pan Cove
Salt Pan Cove
146A Prince Alfred Parade , Newport

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Location & Description

Salt Pan Cove Reserve is located on the eastern foreshores of Pittwater in Newport.  This narrow Reserve occupies 1.214ha to Prince Alfred Parade and is bounded by residences, roads and Salt Pan Cove.

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Walking Tracks & Access

There is an informal track from Prince Alfred Parade leading south down to the creek and cove via log timber steps.  It provides access to a sandy beach where some dinghies are located.  The rest of the Reserve allows adjacent residents to pass through the Reserve to jetties and the foreshore.


On the slopes, Salt Pan Cove Reserve is dominated by Spotted Gum (Corymbia maculata) Forest.

Cabbage-tree Forest dominated by Cabbage-tree Palm (Livistona australis) and Coachwood (Ceratopetalum apetalum) occurs along the creekline.


Although weed invasion has badly degraded fauna habitat in this Reserve, a few habitat trees such as Spotted Gum, Cabbage-tree Palm, Swamp Oak, Forest Oak and Blueberry Ash remain.  Squirrel gliders, a threatened species in NSW and an endangered population in Pittwater, have been recorded nearby. 

Special Features

  • Salt Pan Cove Reserve provides a small sample of Spotted Gum Forest, a plant community considered significant in NSW
  • It provides intertidal habitats of rocky shores, mudflats, Grey mangrove (Avicennia marina var australasica and Swamp Oak (Casuarina glauca) Woodland
  • It provides potential habitat for Squirrel gliders, a threatened species in NSW and an endangered population in Pittwater
  • it acts as a stepping stone to aid faunal movement throughout the pensinsula
  • it contributes to the landscape quality of Newport and the eastern foreshore of Pittwater while providing a record of the original landscape and the changes wrought by urban development
  • it provides a number of Aboriginal sites on the foreshore indicative of food resources used by the original inhabitants of the area
  • it is an educational resource and a contact point with nature for residents
  • it allows urban residents to undertake informal recreational pursuits in a bushland and foreshore setting

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