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Main Content


Pittwater Council has installed free wifi in some commercial centres:

  • Suitable for Surfing the net and reading emails.
  • Connect with any mobile wifi device
  • No registration or login credentials required

Usage restrictions

We have made a change to the usage restrictions on the free wifi networks.

The limits have been increased to allow 3 hours browsing in any 1 calendar day as opposed to 2 hours in any 24 hours.

So if you were browsing from 3pm-6pm on Monday you can now get back on first thing Tuesday morning (it used to restrict you until 3pm on Tuesday).

Coverage Areas

Newport - Main Street

View Newport Wifi Coverage in a larger map

Mona Vale -  CBD (most areas including park beside library)

View Mona Vale Wireless Hotspot poles in a larger map


View Avalon WiFi coverage in a larger map

Updated: 18 Jul 2016