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Managing graffiti

Graffiti affects everyone - business owners, residents, utilities, public transport operators and local governments. Pittwater Council is committed to managing graffiti and in 2011 Council adopted  a Graffiti and Vandalism Policy.

Graffiti vandalism is a crime. It is the act of marking or defacing premises or other property without permission and punishable by imprisonment, community service orders or fines of up to $2,200.

Graffiti vandalism significantly affects individuals and the community.  The removal and prevention of graffiti vandalism is very costly to the community. Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent annually on cleaning up graffiti and repairing the damage that it causes.  Spending this public money on cleaning graffiti means that money isn’t being spent on things that can benefit the community. One of the more effective strategies against illegal graffiti is to remove it as quickly as possible and to persist in removing it.

Reporting graffiti on Council property

Please ring Council's Customer Service on 9970 1111

Reporting graffiti on public utilities

If you would like to report graffiti on public utilitities please call the following numbers:

  • NSW Graffiti Hotline - 1800 707 125
  • Sydney Water - 13 20 90
  • Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia) - 13 15 35
  • RMS - 1800 816 770
  • Telstra - 1800 773 080
  • Australia Post - 13 13 18