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Development applications

Exempt Development

Exempt development is development having minimal environmental impact and subject to satisfying pre-specified standards, there is no need for planning or construction approval to be obtained.

Complying Development

Complying development is development that has a greater impact than the exempt development types, but is still considered to have minor environmental impact on neighbourhood amenity which can be addressed by predetermined development standards.

Types of complying development can include internal alterations to a house, a new single dwelling, a below ground swimming pool, a secondary dwelling etc.

You may elect to lodge your complying development certificate with Council or a Private Certifier. Complying development is a quick and simple alternative to the DA process.

To qualify for either exempt or complying development your proposal needs to meet the requirements set out in State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 or State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009

For more information see the related link below to the State Government Exempt and Complying Housing Code information page.

Development Application

There are three steps you should take before preparing a Development Application:

Step 1:
You need to establish what is permissible on your property, what potential constraints affect your property and what controls apply to the proposed development.

Step 2:
Consider all design issues taking into account the site, its context, the specific development controls that apply to the proposal, together with any hazards that affect the land and prepare concept plans.

Step 3:
Talk to your neighbours and to any local community groups with these concept plans to assist them to understand your proposal. Consider their concerns and seek to compromise to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

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Updated: 10 Jul 2017