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Microchipping your dog is the first part of a two step process. As required under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998, your dog is due for lifetime registration when it turns six (6) months of age. If your dog is over that age now, registration should be completed without delay to avoid penalties. 

  • If your dog is not microchipped, arrange with your veterinarian to microchip your dog. Your vet will then give you the pet owner's copy of the Companion Animal Identification/Registration form. This is to be lodged at the time of registration. (Forms must be complete and signed by the pet owner).
  • If your dog is already microchipped, collect a Lifetime Registration form from your local Council or your veterinarian. Photocopy your pet's microchip certificate and attach to form.

Check List

  • You are 18 year of age or over
  • Completed Identification/Registration Form (attach microchip certificate or form)
  • Once only life-time registration fee (cheques payable to your local Council)
  • Any proof required for a reduced fee

Lifetime Registration Fees

Desexed animal - $ 52.00
Desexed animal and owned by a pensioner - $ 21.00
Animal owned by a register breeder - $ 52.00
Entire animal - $ 192.00
Registered Assistance Animal - Free

Notify your local Council in writing if:

  • You change your address and or telephone number - within 14 days
  • You rehome your dog or cat - within 14 days
  • A declaration by a court that a dog is dangerous (made or revoked) - within 7 days
  • The animal has been missing for more than 72 hours - within 96 hours after the animal goes missing
  • A copy of the animal's identification or registration certificate must accompany any of the above notifications. Failure to notify the above changes may result in a maximum penalty of $ 550 ($2200 for a dangerous or restricted dog).

Updated: 18 Jul 2016