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The Companion Animals Act requires dog owners in NSW to:

  • Microchip a dog before it is re-homed or before the dog is 12 weeks of age (whichever comes first)
  • Lifetime Register your dog at 6 months of age and attach a collar and identification tag
  • Leash your dog when in a public place and make sure the dog is under effective control at all times
  • Pick up your dogs waste
  • Ensure your dog does not attack a person or other animal
  • Make sure your dog does not enter food consumption areas, wildlife protection areas, school or child playgrounds or within 10 metres of child playground equipment or any other place which Council has made a prohibited area to dogs

Number allowed

Responsible ownership takes into account their welfare, the needs of owners and the expectations of the entire community in regards to living with companion animals. 

Pittwater Council’s Companion Animal Population Policy states that the number of dogs or cats kept on residential premises be restricted to a maximum of 3 except;

  • Where the dogs or cats concerned are less than 6 months old, or
  • Where the property concerned is within a “Non Urban” zone.

Buying a Dog

Owning a dog is a responsibility and a long-term commitment. Animal shelters are often full of dogs that have become uwanted pets. So before you go any further, it is important that you are sure you are ready to accept the responsibility of owning a dog.

  • Do you own a home with a fenced yard?
  • Can you afford to provide food and veterinary care (for maybe 15 years or more)?
  • Is it possible you may only be attracted to a puppy or will you continue to provide for a dog that may not remain cute and as playful?
  • Can you provide several hours per day training, entertaining and exercising your dog? Are you away for long periods of time?
  • Can you afford to provide food, desexing, vaccinations, registration and professional training and any other unforseen expenses?
  • Have you consulted with all members of your house-hold?

Updated: 18 Jul 2016