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Warriewood Valley

In 1997 non-urban land in Warriewood Valley was identified as being capable of accommodating appropriate infrastructure for more intensive urban development, and on that basis was included in the State Government's Urban Development Program (now known as the Metropolitan Development Program) as an urban land release area.

The original planning strategies for Warriewood Valley were the Warriewood Valley Urban Land Release Planning Framework 1997 and the Draft STP Buffer Sector Planning Framework 2001. These were reviewed in 2010 and superseded by the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010.  The total number of dwellings anticipated for Warriewood Valley under the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010 was 2,012 dwellings.

The original planning of Warriewood Valley required development to be undertaken on a sector by sector basis, following the development of a sector masterplan as part of the rezoning process.

Between 2011 and 2012 Council and the then Department of Planning & Infrastructure undertook a review of the remaining undeveloped residential sectors in Warriewood Valley and the area known as the Southern Buffer. Council has now adopted the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review Report 2012More information on the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review can be found below.

The delivery of appropriate infrastructure required in Warriewood Valley as a result of the urban development will be provided from developer contributions under the Warriewood Valley Section 94 Contributions Plan Amendment 16 - Revision 2 and through direct provision as required by the development.

Major Project Application at 14-18 Boondah Road, Warriewood

In August 2009, under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), a Major Project was declared at 14-18 Boondah Road, Warriewood.

Under part 3A, the Minister for Planning was the consent authority, rather than Pittwater Council, however the Minister delegated determining authority to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC). Council made a submission on the Environmental Assessment and a submission on the Preferred Project Report (PPR) objecting to the Major Project Application.

On 18 January 2011 the State Government’s Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) approved a Concept Plan and Project Approval for Stage 1 works, subject to modifications limiting the number of building storeys and the development density. The Concept Approval stated that all future stages of the development are to be lodged with and assessed by Council.

Information relating to the Major Project Application and the PAC's Report may be viewed via the Department of Planning & Environment website.

Council appealed the PAC's decision in the Land and Environment Court. The judgment was handed down on 12 September 2011, dismissing the Council's appeal. The Concept Plan and Stage 1 of the development, approved by the PAC, remain valid consents.

Stage 2 (N0353/12) of the development was lodged with Council in late 2012 and was approved in 2013 by the Joint Regional Planning Panel subject to conditions.

Warriewood Valley Strategic Review 2012 and Addendum 2014

Part of the outcome of the PAC's determination of the Major Project Application at 14-18 Boondah Road was that Pittwater Council and the then NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure undertake a review of other undeveloped in the Valley.

In March 2011 Council and the Department commenced the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review with the aim of establishing which undeveloped land, if any, may be suitable for increased development.

In June 2013 the Council resolved to adopted the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review Report 2012

For the majority of undeveloped designated residential sectors, the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review Report 2012 supersedes the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010. For the lands not considered by the Strategic Review, including the Southern Buffer and designated employment generating sectors, the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010 continued to apply to these lands.

Council has now undertaken a review of these remaining undeveloped lands. In November 2014 the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review Addendum Report 2014 was adopted by Council

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For more information on the Warriewood Valley Land Release project, please contact the Land Release Team on (02) 9970 1111.

Updated: 09 Feb 2017