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Main Content

Planning controls

Controls and policies that cover all aspects of development, however not all properties are subject to each and every policy. To assist you in establishing what controls apply to your proposal please use the Planning Enquiry tool.

Development Control Plans
Establishes what controls apply to development and land use.

Bush Fire Risk Management
Establishes what issues you have to address if your land is identified as bush fire prone.

Development in Hazard Affected Areas
Establishes information required for properties affected by Coastal, Flood & Geotechnical hazards.

Section 94 Contribution Plans
Establishes what contributions may be required for certain forms of development to fund the provision of infrastructure and services.

Pittwater Local Environmental Plan 2014
Establishes what you can do on your land e.g. single dwelling only; unit development; dual occupancy; industrial development; commercial development etc.

Pittwater's Most Scenic Streets Register
A guide the Pittwater's Most Scenic Streets and their identified qualities.

State Environmental Planning Policies
SEPP's apply to land in Pittwater, link to the Department of Planning.

Landfill and Earthworks
A guide to Councils requirements in regard to landfill and earthworks.

A guide to Council's requirements in regard to landscaping and the natural environment.

Council's Policy Register
A list of Council's Individual Policies. 

Updated: 18 Jul 2016