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Tree management

Trees are of vital importance in improving the visual quality of an area. The predominance of tree cover both in bushland and urban areas forms an integral part of the character of Pittwater.

Pruning & Removal Information

Tree Pruning and Removal on Private Land
Rules, guidelines and general information regarding the removal of trees on private land

Application Form, Fees and Charges
What will it cost and how you apply

Arborists Reports
Some tree removal requests will require an Arborists Report.  These are the guidelines

Tree Works on Council Land
Trees on Council land are managed by Council and only works deemed necessary will be carried out.

Illegal Tree Works
If you remove, damage or lop a tree without Council's consent, you may be liable for a fine of up to $1.1 million if prosecuted in the Land and Environment Court.

Tree Notification

Where a tree situated on public land, due to its size, type or prominence, is deemed significant and is recommended for removal by Council's Tree Management Officers it is the policy of Council to notify nearby properties and the ward Councillors of its intention in regard to the tree and the reasons for removal.

Applications for removal of trees located on private land can be accessed via the ePlanning tool in Building and Development.

Street Tree Planting

Council recommends that residents do not plant trees on the nature strip without first consulting Council's Reserves & Recreation Section on 9970 1111.  Planting of trees and shrubs are subject to certain conditions specific to road reserves and species selection is critical in this evaluation.

Requests for the planting of street trees can be directed to Council's Reserves & Recreation Section on 9970 1111. The request will then be recorded and referred to Council's Tree Management Officer for assessment. Council's Tree Assessor can then discuss the most appropriate tree for your street. 

 Infection of native plants by Phytophthora Cinnamomi.

Definition of a Tree and Bushland (as referred to DCP Control B4.22)

 A tree is, any plant whether native, endemic, exotic or introduced species where the

  1. Height exceeds three (3) metres, or
  2. Trunk, bole or branch girth exceeds 0.5 metres or which has a combined girth or each of two or more trunks or boles exceeding 0.5 metres, or
  3. Branch canopy width exceeds five (5) metres, or
  4. Is not a plant declared to be a noxious weed under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 (see here for a full list of Noxious Weeds). 
Bushland is
  1. Land on which there is vegetation which is either a remainder of the natural vegetation of the land or, if altered, is still representative of the structure and floristics of the natural vegetation (as defined by the Local Government Act 1993). 

Updated: 01 Nov 2016