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Main Content

Garbage Collection

Mainland Houses

Garbage is collected weekly from Council issued 80 litre wheelie bin

Mainland Units

Council issued 240 litre wheelie bin (per 3 units)

Mainland Bin Presentation

  • Place your 80/ 140/ 240 litre wheelie bins kerb side before 6am on the day of your service.
  • Place your bin close to the kerb with the wheels facing the house and at least one meter clear of telegraph poles, trees, street signs, cars or other bins.
  • Prevent spillage, don't stack garbage bags on top, the lid should be closed
  • Please remove your bin from the street on the same day of your service
  • If your bin is damaged or stolen please call Pittwater Council on 9970 1111

Offshore Services - Scotland Island and Western Foreshores

Collections are twice weekly - Monday and Friday. 
Additional Summer services - mid December to first week of February on Wednesdays

Collections are from public wharves and also from waterfront properties with year round tidal access. 
Public wharves have skip bins and 240 litre garbage bins.  Waterfront properties have bins affixed to their jetty/private wharf by a stand.

New/Second Waste Service

Residents are able to obtain a second garbage collection service should they require one. The second service costs the same amount as the first service and includes

  • 1x 80L wheelie bin
  • 1x 140L blue lidded paper recycling bin and 1x 140L yellow lidded container recycling bin
  • 1 x 240L garden organics recycling bin
  • sticker to put on the bins to notify that it is a paid for second service

If you wish to have a second waste service or in the case of a new property (e.g. a knock-down-rebuild property), a written application must be lodged to Council.

The application must be signed by the Property Owner or Authorised Managing Agent in order to be approved.

The cost of the new/second waste service will be charged on the Rate Notice of the property.

If you wish to have a second/new garbage collection service you can download the application form here.